Christina DeJong, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Michigan State University

Teaching Resources

Most university professor (at least in the United States) do not receive training on teaching. We are expected to be experts in our chosen field, but not experts on instruction. We are most often rewarded for research and publication, with much less emphasis on teaching.

When we assign graduate students to their first teaching position, we provide them with a syllabus and a faculty supervisor, and encourage them to learn about best practices. But learning to teach is not a formal part of the degree, nor is it required prior to taking on a teaching assignment.

Part of the struggle for graduate students is their already FULL schedule. Between classes, comprehensive exams, dissertation planning, their assistantships, having a life outside school… it’s difficult to add anything else.

In an attempt to provide materials to our students that can help them learn to be strong instructors, I’m providing some links and information below. Some are quick tips/sites, some are longer readings. Here’s hoping it’s useful!

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Other resources:

The University of Texas System’s Little Orange Book

A few things by topic:

Enhancing classroom discussions:

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