Engaging Students on Issues of Gender & Crime

23 05 2013

I recently served as guest blogger for the American Society of Criminology’s Division on Women in Crime. In this (short) post, I explain how I use popular music to get students talking about portrayals of domestic violence in popular culture:



Enhancing the Classroom Experience

17 10 2012

Last month, I spoke to a group of our faculty about using Facebook for teaching. You can view my class page here, which contains posts relevant to my topic. Students can earn participation points for posting in my classes, and many remain “fans” of the page long after the course is over.

I’ll be speaking in late October at MSU about the “Flipped Classroom“, in which the traditional lecture model is abandoned in favor of hands-on learning. Rather than using class time for lecture, students come to class having completed pre-class activities (the reverse of homework). Class time becomes available for students to work collaboratively or independently on projects, with the instructors providing help as needed.

Finally, I’m assisting with several faculty efforts developing new courses using the backward design model. Instructors interested in this topic might want to review the following books:

Creating Significant Learning Experiences, by L. Dee Fink

Understanding by Design, by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe

Routledge Handbook of Crime and Gender Studies

21 08 2012

I was honored to be asked to contribute a chapter to the Routledge International Handbook of Crime and Gender Studies on the issue of “Gender, Policing Styles, and Police Decision-Making”. It will be published in November 2012, and I love the cover image of Rosa Parks.

Rape as a Weapon of War: A Focus on Male Victims

27 03 2012

Rape as a Weapon of War: A Focus on Male Victims

On April 20th, I’ll be speaking on the topic of war rape and how it is specifically used against male victims. The public is invited to attend in 201 International Center, MSU Campus, 1:30-3:00pm

The “Eagle” is out!

22 03 2012

The newest edition of the “American System of Criminal Justice” is available for purchase. I am thrilled to be the newest author on this textbook.

If you prefer the softcover “Criminal Justice in America“, the next edition is set to publish in late 2012.

ISS325: War and Revolution

21 04 2011

I had a lovely time earlier this week at the award ceremony for the AT&T Instructional Technology Awards. Thanks to AT&T for providing the funds for this recognition–it’s always so exciting to see how instructors from around campus use technology to enhance learning.

My submission video can be viewed on the AT&T awards site.

Thanks also to MSU’s Virtual University Design & Technology group–it’s great to have such supportive people on campus!

AT&T Instructional Technology Award

6 04 2011

I’m so pleased to have received “honorable mention” in the 2011 AT&T Award Competition in Instructional Technology for my ISS325 course (“War & Revolution: The Criminology of Genocide”).

The awards will be official announced here: http://att-awards.msu.edu/